3D Touch (Multi-Touch) – Apple iPhone 6S & 6S Plus – Overview!

3D Touch (Multi-Touch) – Apple iPhone 6S & 6S Plus – Overview!

Make no mistake. The new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are still critical for Apple. It’s easy to see why: Over the last several quarters, the iPhone has accounted for two-thirds of its total revenue.

The new iPhone 6S gets an extra color, rose gold.

Apple has remained relatively immune to the broader slowdown in the smartphone market, even as companies such as Samsung and HTC have struggled. But there’s a growing sense of phone fatigue, an inability to excite consumers with a sharper display or more powerful camera.

Apple did its best to keep up the excitement for the iPhone 6S, which offers few design changes, laying on the platitudes and insisting that despite its familiar look, the new iPhone 6S is wholly different on the inside.

“The iPhones you’re about to see are the most advanced iPhones ever,” Cook said. “In fact, they’re the most advanced smartphones in the world.”

One thing remains unchanged: The iPhone 6S will start at $199, and the 6S Plus at $299, with a two-year contract.

Beyond 3D Touch, Apple bumped up to a 12-megapixel camera and said it worked hard to improve image quality and color. The iPhone 6S will be able to shoot 4K video, a much higher-resolution feed that only works on compatible 4K televisions. A new “Live Photos” feature will capture the moments just before and after a picture is taken, so you can watch a short video version of any photo.

The bells and whistles on the new iPhone 6S may not blow people away, but the phones should sell well enough to provide cover for burgeoning businesses like the new Apple TV and the Apple Watch. There was no new version of the smartwatch, just a software update and word that 10,000 apps are now available.

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