Chrome Remote Desktop App comes to iOS!


Want to control your mac/pc but don’t know which software to use or don’t want to go broke by buying an expressive software. No need to loot further now you can use Chrome Remote Desktop, Starting today it will be available for both android and iOS, getting started is easy, simple, and free!

Technobuffalo says:
“Android users have been enjoying Chrome Remote Desktop since last April, and its arrival on iOS is big news for many. It takes just a few minutes to get the whole thing setup, you don’t have to worry about typing in IP addresses manually, and it won’t cost you a penny.”

With this amazing app controlling you mac/pc is made easy, you can access you computer just by opening the app and inputting the one time verification code. To get started, head over to the chrome app store and download the Remote Desktop app on your computer from the Web Store inside of the Chrome browser, and authorize it with your Google account — then install the new app on your iOS device.

Just download on both devices and enjoy!

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