Google will test build-it-yourself Ara smartphones in Puerto Rico!

Google has announced a new way to test its Project Ara smartphone initiative, this new way will allow consumers to pick and choose small parts that fit on the board!

When talking about smartphones, we all want to create a device that fits our needs and is personally customized. We can’t yet create a device that is customizable but we can create software’s and application’s that do fill the gap.

The big tech giant (Google) want’s to change that.

Google announced on Wednesday saiying that it will soon start a market pilot in Puerto Rico to test phones that will allow users to pick and choose hardware parts to create a smartphone. These parts include but are not limited to cameras, screens, and storage.

It is said that the pilot will be launched late 2015, by launching this pilot google will be able to gather important information needed to take project ara to the next level.


“The project, called Ara, is Google’s attempt to create phones with interchangeable parts. That means you could choose a camera from one manufacturer, a display from another, and a processor from yet another hardware maker to build the specific phone want. When, say, the processor becomes outdated, you could swap it out for a new one. The promise is that Ara could speed up development and innovation in the separate components that make up a phone, as hardware makers begin to compete for real estate on a handset.”


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