iPhone 5S & 5C – Everything you need to Know!


What’s Apple expected to announce?
Two new iPhones: both a lower-cost model and a new top of the line model. Rumors say that the divices will be released at an event on September 10, may be in San Francisco or at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino.

What’s different about the low cost one?
This model, rumored to be called the “iPhone 5C,” The body will be made of plastic instead of metal. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster also recently suggested that Apple might take out some of the features, probably Siri, Apple’s built-in voice assistant software.

What’s different about the new high-end model?
Recent pictures suggest that Apple is planing to offer the “iPhone 5S” in more colors, even in a “gold” or “champagne” color. The device is also said to sport a better camera with a dual-LED flash and a home button that can scan your finger — something that’s likely going to be used for security features.

Other expected specs include a 128GB storage option and a jump to a 64-bit processor, which could speed things up.

Where’s the proof of either of these devices that I can look at?
There haven’t been any fully functional devices, but there have been heaps of photos of the back casing for both phones. By pure volume there have been more shots of the so-called iPhone 5C and its plastic back, which has popped up in a handful of places and suggested Apple’s planning to have brightly-colored devices, akin to what Nokia’s been doing on its Lumia series phones.

One of the earliest leaks came in April by case maker Tactus, which posted a shot alleging to be the back chassis of a white, plastic iPhone.

In late June, one of the first shots of what might just be the iPhone 5S cropped up on MacRumors, showing off some of the internal changes to components, and the outside change like the dual flash.

Since then, there’s been a series of photos of both devices documented by Sonny Dickson, a frequent leaker of all things Apple hardware. Dickson has been posting photos of everything, from buttons to various colors and internal components.

Why would Apple want to launch a second iPhone now?
The simple reason? Competition, and lots of it. Apple’s getting hit on multiple fronts by rivals releasing myriad variations of phones, often several times a year. One of the biggest is Samsung, which has expanded its Galaxy line from phones to tablets and even smartphone camera hybrids. Not all of those are hits, but some, like the Note — a cross between a tablet and a phone — turned out to be a success.

How much would this this less-expensive iPhone cost?
An analysis from Morgan Stanley back in June suggested Apple could come in between $349 to $399. That’s $50 to $100 less than what Apple’s charging for the iPhone 4 right now.

How does that stack up compared to some rival devices?
In China, where a lower cost iPhone is expected to make waves, Morgan Stanley notes that the top models from companies like Coolpad, Huawei, Lenovo, and ZTE run about $405. The firm contends that Chinese consumers would be willing to pay a higher $486 for a lower-priced iPhone, based on poll of 2,000 Chinese mobile phone owners in June this year.

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