Samsung Galaxy S5 – Fingerprint Scanner – Tutorial!

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Fingerprint Scanner – Tutorial/Demo. Let’s take a look at the new fingerprint scanner for the samsung galaxy s5.

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Following in the footsteps of Apple, HTC, and Motorola (the way distant footsteps), the Samsung Galaxy S5 has its own fingerprint scanner for unlocking privileges and mobile payments.

The scanner integrates into the screen above the home button, so that you swipe your finger down half over the bottom portion of the display and home button. You can add profiles for three fingerprints, and you get a backup password in case the identification fails. The fingerprint reader scans your finger eight times before crystallizing your profile.

I locked and unlocked the phone at least a dozen times. It worked well most of the time, but didn’t read my finger in every case. You do need to keep your finger centered on the screen, which would make thumb swiping more of a challenge.

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