XBOX ONE & PS4: Reasons why you should wait.


XBOX ONE & PS4: Reasons why you should wait to buy the PS4 or Xbox One.

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1) The year’s best games won’t be available on the new consoles.

BioShock Infinite. Grand Theft Auto V. The Last of Us. None of these will be available — or announced — for the Xbox One or PS4.

2) Several online streaming services and features won’t be available at launch.

Remember Gaikai, Sony’s game-streaming technology for the PlayStation 4? It won’t be here this year. Microsoft’s own TV and living-room-dominating strategy is also shaping up to be more of a slow-baked process, if you’re waiting for all the pieces to fall in place.

3) First-wave hardware and software’s always a mixed bag.

Some software’s bound to be buggy. Expect at least six months of troubleshooting, where you, the early adopter, will be the test subject. That’s what buying early tech does to a person.

4) We don’t know which one is better.

Hey, guess what? We haven’t reviewed either console yet. Who knows what the PS4 and Xbox One will really be like? Maybe one will be miles ahead of the other. Maybe it’ll be too close to call.

5) They’ll still be here next year, and they’ll be an even better value.

By mid-2014, you can expect the first big wave of PS4 and Xbox One games that really shine to start emerging, making these consoles a lot more palatable.

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